The Mark Harris Fellowship Program has established a partnership with the Future Success Program at UWM to ensure that our students have the educational access and opportunities that they need to complete high school and attend and graduate from college.   Through enrollment in the Future Success Program, Mark Harris Fellows will be provided with intense academic tutoring, advising, mentoring, career exploration and study skills. They will also be ensured completion of college prep coursework, registration and completion of the ACT exam, and timely submission of college financial aid and admission applications and scholarship forms. 

Students will also be given opportunities to participate in life skills and career exploration workshops, a summer school program with curriculum centered around Math, Science, English and STEM electives,  campus visits, social outings and an all expenses paid spring break trip to visit college campuses each year.  

The Lives We Impact


Erin Harris                Executive Director

To guide and support disadvantaged high school students toward higher education through mentoring and financial assistance

Our Mission

 Mark Harris Fellowship Program

The Mark Harris Fellowship Program provides the following services to the students accepted into the program

We Need Your Support

Partnership with Future Success Program

Making a Difference

One Dream at at Time

Students who apply for the Mark Harris Fellowship program must be committed to pursuing a post-secondary education. They are identified by their high school faculty as students who would thrive with support and guidance. 

Once accepted into the three year program, Mark Harris Fellows will emulate Mark's commitment to service, excellence and leadership.
They will demonstrate consistent effort and a willingness to give back to the community. 

  • Mentoring
  • Academic Support
  • Financial Assistance
  • College Scholarships 


Board of Directors

David Carr

Michael Iossi, MD 

Jamie Reeve

Benjamin Sherwood


Andre-Ghelfi Thomas      Founder and Mentor

Christina Nelson              Founder and Mentor

Nina Wilson                     Founder and Mentor